Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby Summer Dress

Deepak and I got back from Spain a month ago now. We have been blessed with another beautiful niece, Elizabeth, and we went to meet her. Also, I am her godmother so we had her baptism as well!!!!! I wanted to make a cute matching summer dress for the girls so I went and bought a Simplicity pattern #A6576. The only problem was that the size I needed for Emma, our oldest niece, was not in the pattern so I asked my mother (a very talented pattern maker) to make me the size big enough for her. I only had to send her a picture of the dress and she created the exact same one! So good! Here is how it turned out. 

I did not want to add the circles or bows, and actually decided not put the rosettes I created. I made an elastic headband for the little one and a regular plastic headband for the oldest one. 
My beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, cute, precious little model: 

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