Saturday, May 23, 2015


I needed new placemats for our outdoor retreat, the current ones we have now are plastic and I do not like them. So I made some to match with our decor, which is tranquil beach theme! This is by far the easiest sewing project I have done. It does not take that long to make and you will have custom placemats that will match perfectly with your decor. 


  • I used 1 yard of upholstery fabric which gave me 4 placemats (you want something sturdy and durable, you can also use outdoor fabric)
  • Ribbon for decoration
  • Matching threat
  • Sewing machine
Measurements and instructions:
  • I cut my placemats 17 wide by 12.5 length. You need 2 panels for each placemat
  • I left a 1/4 seem allowance
  • To place the ribbon in the middle I used the zig-zag stitch to help reduce fraying. The ribbon is 2.5 inches wide. I placed the ribbon between 5-7.5 in on my mat, which placed it in the center. 
  • Place both panels facing right side and stitch along all sides, leaving about 4-5 inches open to be able to turn the mat right side. 
  • Once turned right side facing out, iron well and sew all the way around and very closed to the border to close the open gap and give it a nice finished look. 

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